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[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ingapore has been home for the last few years and I really love the vibe. The city offers a perfect balance. It is a model of integration where people of different nationalities and religions live peacefully and harmoniously. Food-wise, Singapore is an interesting meeting point in Asia, offering great diversity and a wide range of cuisines. It’s a pleasure to be a chef in this amazing city. The only thing I miss deeply, besides family and friends, is the changing seasons.

“Singapore is an interesting meeting point in Asia, offering great diversity and a wide range of cuisines.”

– Julien Royer


Local food institution Zam Zam is where Royer takes visitors to experience a different side of Singapore.

I really love its murtabak. The stall is walking distance from my home and its food is of extremely good value. I like to take friends there when they visit, as it shows a more gritty side of Singapore that not many tourists may know about.

697 North Bridge Road.



My Indian friend, Arun, took me there to try the biryani – the only dish prepared there – and it is the best I’ve had. A limited quantity is cooked per day and the restaurant closes once the biryani is sold out.

50 Dunlop Street.


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My wife and I were introduced to the place by our friends, Lynn Yeow and Beppe De Vito. I love it that the chef behind the yakitori grill is so focused, and everything he serves up is delicious. We have since returned many times.

#03-16 Orchard Plaza.


Serving a blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours, casual, cosy Artichoke is Royer’s idea of a gourmet hangout spot.

It is a casual place, once again, just a 10-minute walk from home. Agnes loves Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fl avours (must be her Corsican roots) and we really like the food here, which is comforting yet refi ned with the right amount of spice. Chef-owner Bjorn Shen is also such a nice guy and it is a really cool place to hang out at.


Bite-sized treats for Royer come in the form of petite buns from Tanjong Rhu Pau.

I was only recently introduced to its char siew pau, siew mai and steamed buns by Gwen Lim from G patisserie. It is simply the best I have tried since coming to Singapore. The buns are small but packed full of flavour.

#01-113, Block 7, Jalan Batu.


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