Les Amis Magnum Room private dining

Three-Michelin-starred French restaurant Les Amis is giving new meaning to the term ‘culinary heaven’. Gourmands can now wine and dine underneath an exquisite backlit ceiling “fresco” that depicts cherubs amid a vivid blue sky — inspired by the likes of Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna in the restaurant’s newly-launched Magnum Room. 

The private dining room, which seats four to six guests, is one of the more lavish private dining rooms in Singapore. Taking pride of place is a gleaming hand-carved oval-shaped marble table (sans tablecloth) that is adorned with crystal table lights and glistening silver show plates. This harks back to the restaurant’s tradition of using silverware when it first opened in 1994. A minimum order of the restaurant’s Classic Menu per diner is required to dine in the room. 

Photo: Les Amis

Stunning showcase of magnums

True to its namesake, the Magnum Room features a glorious showcase wall that displays more than 100 magnum bottles on custom-built display cabinets with timber-framed glass doors and suspended timber racks. 

These bottles, which have been picked to represent the best of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Rhone Valley, are from Les Amis’ extensive wine list that comprises over 3,000 wines mainly from the Old World. The restaurant has been a recipient of the Wine Spectator Grand Award (an accolade that recognizes the most distinguished wine list and service) for more than two decades. 

Designed by Kay Ngee Tan Architects, the Magnum Room sports a heavily wood-paneled look, paying homage to the trademark décor of the French Embassy in Singapore at its previous location. 

Creating sublime dining experiences is par for the course for Michelin-starred restaurants and the heat is on, given that the Michelin Guide will unveil its list of starred restaurants in Singapore on 12 July. 

Sebastien Lepinoy, director of culinary and operations at Les Amis says: “Dining is like the theatre, we need to give our guests drama to keep them enticed. My focus is not only on the food but also on the overall dining experience of the guests. Even if the food is fantastic, but the service and environment are not up to par you will never come back. That’s the reality.”

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