Lucky House

[dropcap size=small]L[/dropcap]ucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen is a magical place for The Straits Times Life editor Tan Hsueh Yun, who had her first meal there in July last year.

She has been back several times and even celebrated her 50th birthday there last year.

She remembers her first experience at Lucky House vividly.

“I arrived just at sunset and was so charmed by the gnarled pumpkin hanging on the lattice right in front of the house.”

“The front garden is pretty, but it’s the lush back garden – untamed, with fruit and vegetables growing abundantly – that I enjoyed exploring. And there were all these delicious smells coming from claypots set on charcoal braziers,” she says.

The private kitchen is run by Mr Sam Wong and his wife, who have been dishing out tip-top home-cooked fare for dinner parties of 10 to 12 people on weeknights from their corner terrace home in Upper East Coast Road for the past two years.

Ms Tan will be hosting a meal there on March 26. It is limited to 18 people.

She has chosen her favourite dishes for this dinner.

Mr Wong, 50, a self-taught chef who runs a wholesale company that trades wedding and dancing shoes, prepares everything from scratch. He learnt to cook from his paternal grandmother and has, over the years, created his own repertoire of Cantonese-inspired dishes.

The meal will feature his signature roast duck, which is marinated for two days, then sun-dried for a day before it is roasted in a charcoal oven for 50 minutes; Cantonese-style braised sea cucumber and mushrooms with oyster essence made from boiling down fried dried oysters; and prawns steamed with aged chye poh.

The dishes will be paired with Krug champagnes.

There is a three-month waiting list to dine at Lucky House. And if you want to dine there on a Friday night, the earliest slot is some time in August, Mr Wong says.

Of this event, Ms Tan says: “With Asian Masters, we want to offer diners experiences that they would not ordinarily have. Special menus in restaurants, interesting restaurants, hard-to-get food.

“I hope the people who come will love the house and Sam’s food as much as I do and fall under the spell of Lucky House.”



WHERE: 267 Upper East Coast Road

WHEN: March 26, 7pm

PRICE: $158.40++ (HSBC cards), $198++ (other payment modes)


This article was originally published in The Straits Times.