Scotch distillers have long been trying to move away from their image as producers of a liquid that’s meant to be sipped fireside wearing a bathrobe — and it seems like Speyside distillers Macallan is looking to move considerably further with their Concept series.

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Unlike the slightly more serious, and very sought-after Edition series, Macallan’s no-age-statement Concept line seems to focus a little more on wider culture rather than the properties of the whisky itself. Concept No. 1, for instance, was inspired by surreal art — and featured whisky that was matured in sherry-seasoned oak before being finished in ex-bourbon casks.

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The recently-released Concept No. 2 though, draws inspiration from the similarities between crafting music and whisky. Steven Bremner, Whisky Maker for the distillery, also happens to be a house music DJ, and has drawn from both spheres in the creation of this whisky.

“Creating a track and crafting a single malt can take a similar path. Beginning with the layering of sounds just like the layering of different flavours from specific cask types. Each different cask brings its own influence to the character of the liquid, like each instrument, or sound, adds depth to a track. In both cases, we can alter each different element to play up or down particular sounds or flavours.” Shares Bremner.

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While the first iteration of the Concepts played with the order of casks used (maturing a whisky first in ex-bourbon casks is much more common), the Concept No. 2 uses a mix of Miguel Martin sherry-seasoned American oak cask and ex-bourbon cask whisky to create a golden dram, bottled at 40% ABC, that boasts plenty of vanilla underscored by citrus and a soft spice.

The Macallan Concept No. 2 is available on iShopChangi