[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]ver wanted to sign an indemnity form for having a meal? Well, now you can. Singapore’s restaurant game may be dubbed vibrant but, over the Causeway, there’s a dining experience that actually delivers on “unique”.

Christened Dinner in the Sky, it operates on a simple premise: lifting a group of people (voluntarily) by crane to a height of 45m so that they can tuck into a four-course meal, while onlookers snap photos of the suspended 22-seater table and its hapless diners.

Piqued by the possibilities, The Peak caught a seat at a celebratory dinner last month, hosted by the executives of local food delivery giant Deliveroo. The pre-liftoff formalities, such as a safety briefing and a person-by-person boarding process, are arduous but necessary.

The fun does start in earnest once the motors whirr, the ground falls away, and you realise all that’s stopping you from drunkenly rolling to your doom is the uncompromising dual-strap harness locking you into the plastic seat.

Caveats: Four courses in about an hour is a hurried pace, and of the pre-cooked mains offered, only the lamb stood out. No food fights allowed. Are you butterfi ngerswith smartphones? More than one has slipped and smashed onto the Malaysian tarmac. Talk about thrills.

That said, it was an inimitable experience with the breeze and a killer view of the glimmering Puteri Harbour, but do avoid the nighttime slot as the surroundings are shrouded in darkness.

Single seats go for a humble $200 but, if you’re out to impress clients, we recommend buying out an entire table for $4,300 and hosting your next corporate dinner there. Dinner in the Sky tours through Malaysia. The restaurant’s next stop will be in Kuala Lumpur at a location yet to be announced – check www.dinnerinthesky.my for updates.