For collectors of rare spirits, this one will require some amount of patience: Martell has announced its limited-edition Vintage Collection, a series of four exceptional, aged expressions that will be progressively made available over three years. 

Launched in celebration of the Lunar New Year, each bottle from the collection is labelled with auspicious Chinese idioms, which come together collectively to form “吉祥如意”, a common seasonal greeting of good fortune. 

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Are the bottles worth the wait? We’d like to think so. Each one comes in a wooden box containing a gorgeous Baccarat crystal decanter filled with spirit that’s over 50 years of age, all of which are Grande Champagne cognac – distilled from the grapes grown in the most valued cru in the entire Cognac region. 

The first two bottles in the series are ready for purchase. One’s a 1949 vintage, which has been labelled with another idiom, “吉祥高照” (“blessed by a lucky star”). Tasting notes for this expression indicate fruit forwardness with freshness, balance, and a long finish.

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Martell Vintage Collection
The full collection

The other bottle currently available, labelled “祥开白世” (“good fortune for many generations”), is a single-cask 1951 vintage, and features candied citrus, floral notes, all held up by plenty of power and length. 

In 2022, the bottle labelled 如鱼得水 (“being in one’s element”) will be released, which features another single-cask cognac, and is a 1958 vintage that evokes a complex mix of spices, leather, liquorice, and candied fruits.

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Finally, in 2023, your collection will be complete with 意气风发 (“to have confidence”), a 1965 vintage that was chosen due to its year of significance – the year Singapore gained independence. 

Only five sets of the Vintage Collection are available, each valued at the very auspicious price of S$88, 888.