Michelin Odette Les Amis

As plans for the Circuit Breaker’s Phase 1 of safe re-opening have just been announced, we now know that it’s unlikely for restaurants and other dining establishments to reopen anytime soon. The F&B industry heavily relies on a constant revenue stream – and supporting the businesses you love, including well-established Michelin-star restaurants, is the best way to help them stay open.

These restaurants rely heavily on fresh, seasonal ingredients that have a limited shelf life. Many cure, brine or age components for their dishes in-house, which also have to be consumed at an exact time. After all, it is this commitment to quality that got these restaurants their Michelin stars in the first place.

These Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants with exceptional service, ambience and cuisine – though don’t take our word (or a French tyre company’s) for it. Get delivery or takeaway from one of these Michelin-starred restaurants and see how these feted establishments can work wonders, even when silverware and fine china are swapped for to-go boxes.

We’ve also covered the one-Michelin-star Burnt Ends and Alma by Juan Amador previously, who are now serving the perennial takeaway favourite, burgers, as part of their circuit breaker menus.


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