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The origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival go back some 3,000 years, and mooncakes are so-named as these baked treats were meant to be eaten while gazing at the moon. Folklore suggests that mooncakes were used during the Ming revolution, when secret messages of rebellion against the reigning Mongol empire were smuggled within the baked goods. Today, instead of revolutionary messages, these tasty treats harbour everything from alcohol to chocolate.

Besides rolling out stunning mooncake boxes perfect for gifting this Mid-Autumn Festival, chefs and hotels have also introduced a plethora of new flavours spanning both traditional and snowskin mooncakes.

You might be a fan of the more traditional baked-skin cake with lotus paste and a salted egg core, but don’t turn your nose up at the new offerings. Strong showings from pastry chefs include those with a playful alcoholic twist, as well as the incorporation of local flavours such as teh tarik. Below, 15 mooncakes to try this season.

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