Even the most genial barman needs the occasional break from fussy customers who aren’t clear on what they want. So Neon Pigeon’s answer to that is an overhauled menu that breaks up its offerings into nine categories, with each one showcasing two cocktails. Each creation is also beautifully and helpfully illustrated to display the individual ingredients and their proportions. The taste profiles of these new drinks are diverse, complex and unapologetically bold. Goat milk is not a flavour one would associate with a cocktail, but it shines with green chartreuse and shiso in the Yagi. The aromas of the Teared Negroni – which swops out gin for rosemary-infused sake umeshu and prosecco – are almost as intoxicating as the liquid itself. If you’ve never been to this Keong Saik gem, now’s a good time to start.

Teared Negroni

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