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New bars and cocktail menus in Singapore (June 2019)

The ceaseless bar scene in Singapore proffers new drinks to explore every month. Here, craft cocktails to be had at Maduro, Cool Cats, Madame Fan Bar, and Godmama.

  • Cool Cats' jazz-inspired menu

    Cool Cats

    Edgy music goes hand-in-hand with drinking. The guys behind jazz-themed Cool Cats probably knows this, and have launched a cocktail programme with drinks inspired by different eras and figures in the development of jazz music — from its origins in ragtime, to names like Duke Ellington, and places key to the movement like Cafe Society. Highlights include Ways of a Diva, a spirit-forward creation of Mozart dry chocolate spirit, mezcal, and pear; and The Innovator, a drink inspired by the creative stylings of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis that combines gin, maraschino, and vermouth with butterfly pea flowers and pandan. While jazz musicians of that era were known for diets that mostly consisted of steaks and ribs, Cool Cats offers a different kind of indulgence with Asian-ish treats like wasabi prawns and crispy duck roll; and for a right treat, vintage sturia caviar.

    NCO Club, 32 Beach Road.


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