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New Restaurants to try in Singapore (May 2019)

A deluge of Chinese restaurants open this month.

  • braised crocodile paw from Dragon Chamber

    Dragon Chamber

    In an almost-bizarre case of going full circle, oriental exoticism is now trendy with Chinese restaurants. The speakeasy-styled (hidden behind a coffee shop's refrigerator door) Dragon Chamber cheekily riffs on this with dishes like General Tso’s chicken, but their version is a vastly upgraded take on the neon-orange sugar-laden ones you’ll find in American Chinese takeouts. The restaurant is also a place to test one’s bravery. The menu includes such esoteric delights as braised crocodile’s foot, and a chicken and pork-based soup with a male crocodile’s – and there isn’t a more delicate way to put this – reproductive organ. Cocktails are also a thing here. Wash down your food with drinks the the Old Fashioned Twist, a jazzed up version with banana-infused rum garnished with a smouldering cinnamon stick.

    2 Circular Road. Tel: 6805-8181


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