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New Restaurants to try in Singapore (April 2019)

New restaurants this month for the gourmand: Cheek Bistro, 51 Soho, and One-Ninety.

  • Snapper Bouillabaisse at One Ninety


    Consider the hotel continental buffet: there are usually promises of indulgence with heaping mounds of food, and a wide variety of cuisines. There's the idea that you should get your money's worth, and they do this with gleaming hunks of meat sitting under heat lamps, and stacks of cold seafood laid out on ice. Sometimes though, quality is sacrificed for the sake of quantity. One Ninety though does away all that in favor of a more subdued, intimate experience. Lunch sees a semi-buffet, with a restrained selection of modern-ish European dishes for you to pick at: smoked burrata; tuna tartare; and desserts like Paris brest and even local kuehs — all prepared with attention to detail. One of best parts of the meal though, happens at your table: freshly baked sourdough (made with a blend of flour that they custom-milled, no less) with butter and chive oil arrives warm, crusty, and worthy of some of the best fine dining restaurants out there. Off the a la carte menu, newly-appointed Kamarl John presents a selection of Asian-inflected "provencal cuisine". Dishes are beautifully garnished, and showcase a lighter, more modern touch. There is crispy-skinned, moist snapper in a lemongrass-infused bouillabaisse; avocado salad with a mountain of spicy, bright micro-cresses and miso dressing; and intriguing snacks like lobster and prawn toast with spicy tobiko mayo.

    Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, 190 Orchard Blvd. Tel: 6831 7250



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