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New whiskies, gin and more in Singapore to try

Getting bored with Scotch? Consider these new spirits that have just hit the Singapore market.

  • Bacardi premium portfolio

    While whisky holds the world's attention for fine sipping, rum, too, can reach that kind of smoothness and complexity — in a much shorter time, since ageing under the Caribbean sun means more than double the evaporation, and much faster barrel "breathing". Bacard's Gran Reserva Diez is one such rum — blended from barrels of rum that have been aged for a minimum of 10 years, the spirit boasts a similar complexity and depth of flavour compared to Scotch that's been aged twice, or even thrice as long. The luxurious spirit features plenty of vanilla, oak, spice, and tropical fruits all underscored by the characteristic toasty sugar notes of rum — definitely not a rum you'd want to mix with Coke.

    The Gran Reserva Diez will also be launching with two other premium expressions of Bacardi: the Añejo Cuatro (aged for 4 years); and the Reserva Ocho, an 8 year-minimum aged expression that has remained in the personal reserves of the Barcardi family since 1862, until it was released to the public in 1996.

    Bacardi's premium rums will be launching 19 Aug in the Singaporean market. Meanwhile, the Bacardi Premium Portfolio is available as a complimentary tasting flight at 10 bars island wide: Origin Bar, Martini Bar (Grand Hyatt Singapore), MO Bar, Madame Fan, b bar, IB HQ, The Bar at 15 Stamford, Oxwell & Co., Shin Gi Tai and 1880 Member's Club (only for members). Available until 22 August 2019


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