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New wines and whiskies in Singapore: bottles to explore this month

Whet your palate for these pours and drams that have just hit Singapore's shores.

  • TOT Wine Club

    Singapore-based wine distributors Taste of Tradition has launched their wine club, a subscription-based service that sends three handpicked bottles of both Old and New World wines— one red, white, or sparkling — to subscribers every month. Two tiers are available: the more approachable Discovery, which will feature wines with recommended retail prices between $35 to $65; and the Deluxe tier, which feature the most well-regarded labels from classic regions and boutique wineries. The Deluxe tier also allows members to request for repeats of previous wines, or choose between an all-red or mixed case. While there are more than a couple of wine subscription plans around, TOT sets themselves apart with an uninterrupted cold chain that starts from the importing of the wines, all to way to when it reaches the drinker — which is important for preserving the integrity of the vino. For the wine club, bottles arrive in an insulated cellar flask that keeps things drinkable. The only thing left to do is probably keep those glasses handy.

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