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Now You Can Own Your Own Penfolds Wine Barrel

Fancy 300 bottles' worth of shiraz or cabernet? Take up the winery's Magill Cellar 3 programme.

If your cellar isn’t filling up quite as fast as you’d like, why not take the plunge and get 300 bottles of quality shiraz and/ or cabernet from one of Australia’s most respected wineries? Penfolds has recently announced the launch of its Magill Cellar 3 barrel programme, where oenophiles can purchase a full barrel of vintage wine from the winery’s oldest cellar for A$198,000 (S$199,000).

That will get you 252 litres of wine in a bottle size of your choice, but there’s more. Not only will the wine in these barrels never be used in any other release, you will be invited to taste the wine straight out of your barrel as it matures. Included is a tour of the Magill Estate and the recently renovated Cellar 3, which is around 170 years old, as well as a tasting session of the Penfolds range with its winemakers.

The inaugural 2015 barrel release has already been committed to private collectors, but Penfolds is taking orders for the 2016 programme, with sales beginning at the start of this month. If you do get hold of one, the wine will be at its most drinkable in the next 10 to 30 years.