On Oscar Weekend 2020, Tinseltown’s best and brightest dined on a lavish plant-based menu by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. While the food catered prior to the Academy Awards was entirely plant-based, the Oscars’ afterparty (also known as the Governor’s Ball) featured a 70 percent vegan menu. Both the Golden Globes and Critic Choice Awards also featured plant-based menus.

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Celebrities still dined on classic luxuries like Miyazaki wagyu and caviar – but for the first time in his 26 years catering for the afterparty, Puck’s menu focused on mostly vegan dishes such as sweet potato tempura with mint cilantro aioli and Vietnamese-inspired rice paper rolls. Yes, dessert was mostly vegan too: ube and coconut cream pillow tarts and gold-leaf-coated elderflower lollipops were some of the delights on offer.

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The food wasn’t just vegan: Puck and his team took pains to source much of the ingredients from sustainable or organic farms in California. The decorations for the 92nd Oscars and Governors Ball were also either repurposed or recycled; nor could you find a single plastic water bottle at the Oscar Nominees luncheon, the Oscars, or the afterparty.

In other news, Best Actor winner and vegan activist Joaquin Phoenix followed up on his Oscars’ acceptance speech – where he urged the audience to fight back against animal cruelty – by rescuing a cow and its week-old calf from a Californian slaughterhouse.

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Here are some of Singapore’s best vegan options (and even one Oscar recipe for the home cooks among us, courtesy of Wolfgang Puck) so you can sup like a celebrity in 2020: sustainably.