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Pizza delivery and takeaway in Singapore: some of our favourite spots

If they're stuffing crusts, it had better be with truffled brie.

Pizza is the ultimate delivery food. Now that we’re all stuck inside, it’s time to indulge a little with some of the best pizza places in Singapore.

  • Amo

    The pizza here is made with sourdough, which gives the crust an extra layer of complexity. While they've got uncomplicated, classic toppings like their Margherita DOP, it's the signatures that get us really jonesing. Highlights include a sweet-salty combination of gooey stracciatella, prosciutto, rocket, and fig vincotto, a balsamic-like reduction made with figs. Most of the pizzas are also available with dairy-free options. They've also got pastas and grilled mains available for takeaway — we like the grilled octopus with friggitelli peppers; and the butter-roasted spring chicken. 

    Order from their website here.


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