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New restaurants and menus to try in Singapore (Nov 2018)

Book ahead for a table at Hashida Sushi, Bacchanalia by Vianney Massot, Basque Kitchen by Aitor, Thevar, Cure, and Blossoms.

  • Hashida Sushi 

    After a short absence in the dining scene, Hashida Sushi Singapore has relocated to a beautifully restored shophouse along Mohamed Sultan Road. The area has shed its 90s bar-top dancing past for a fine dining ensemble (neighourhood newcomers include Esora and The English House). The spacious premises boast three separate dining rooms, and a bar. On the second level is a multi-purpose dining hall for private events. 

    Chef Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida and his team continue to deliver with their meticulously crafted sushi and unique creations. Expect to feast on items like soft dumpling of lotus root and white fish accompanied by a creamy mushroom sauce, and a sprinkling of black pepper. Or a solo piece of snow crab, lightly charcoal grilled to elevate its natural sweetness. The omakase meal also features a procession of pristine sashimi, including aji spiked with Japanese green chilli and koji rice, or yellow tail uplifted with radish pickle. Beyond that, the chef masterfully prepares a series of edomae sushi, showcasing perfectly cooked rice draped with a variety of seasonal fish.

    To match with the various seafood items, Hatch will be serving his own premium soy sauce that he's created with a 120-year-old soy sauce brewer in Japan’s Iga (Mie Prefecture). The umami-rich soy sauce that's currently being aged will be ready in 2020.

    Globetrotters who travel to eat will be glad to know that Hashida is launching in San Francisco in November, and in Tokyo next July. His restaurant will be located at the Kachidoki area (in between Tsukiji and Toyosu – the current fish market venue). 

    25 Mohammed Sultan Road Singapore 238969. Tel: 8428-8787.