[dropcap size=small]“I[/dropcap] genuinely enjoy popiah. I have the impression that popiah is a somewhat healthier option and has less carbs and more veggies. I also like the crunchiness and the sweet and salty taste of it,” says Kathy Lim-Sheehy, CEO of The Straits Wine Company, a regional wine and events company.

She usually heads to My Cosy Corner, a hole-in-the-wall eatery at Coronation Plaza, Bukit Timah Road, for her popiah fix. “The popiah there is fresh and has a very fragrant taste. And the homemade chilli sauce is super spicy, which I love,” adds the busy mother of four.

This no-frills joint has been selling its Peranakan-style popiah for more than 20 years. The made-to-order rolls are generously filled with bangkwang (jicama), carrot, egg, and crispy rice for textural contrast.

“The crispy bits make the popiah so fragrant,” she says. My Cosy Corner, which sells a few hundred pieces of popiah daily (except on Sunday), is popular among students and nearby residents. Other dishes offered there include kueh pie tee, mee rebus, mee siam and laksa.

Lim-Sheehy says: “I probably go to My Cosy Corner once in two weeks. It is next to my hairdresser and I order a takeaway while my hair is being done.”

When it comes to matching local fare with wine, the dynamic lady, who has been organising the successful annual Wine Fiesta (an outdoor wine festival) for almost a decade, advises that a riesling or a champagne would go very well with popiah.

EYE FOR BUSINESS Kathy Lim-Sheehy is CEO of The Straits Wine Company, a regional wine and events business with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. She started her career as a fashion stylist at Her World, before working in Tokyo, Paris, Washington and Hong Kong. When she returned, she took over Straits Wine’s management and embarked on its rebranding and repositioning. Today, it supplies fine labels from all over the world.