Any whisky aficionado will have heard the name Frank McHardy. The whisky veteran has been in the industry for over 50 years, and while has spent his illustrious career across various producers (both Scottish and Irish) like Tamnaviluin, Bushmills, and Brucichladich, he is perhaps best known for his work with Campbeltown distillery Springbank – which has produced some of the most collectible single malts in the market. 

While he retired in 2013 and was last the director of production at Springbank, McHardy is still very much in touch with the whisky world. Now, local whisky pioneers Quaich Bar has worked with him to release a series of single-cask bottlings under its Quaich Bar Signature Reserve Collection series. 

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For this, McHardy has hand-selected 12 unique casks from Scotch distilleries across the isles – each with the goal of presenting a unique, standout cask from each producer.

The first 6 of these bottlings have been revealed, and includes gems like an excellent expression of a 12-year-old Bunnahabhain. Aged in a sherry butt and bottled at 67.1 per cent ABV, the spirit is rich with fruit and toffee – and quite a standout from the drier, more herbal tone of the standard Bunnahabhain 12 bottling.

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There are also whiskies from distilleries which have no official bottlings of their own: like the a 24-year-old from Braeval, a Speyside distillery whose product largely goes into Chivas blends. This particular bottling, despite its age, boasts a freshness with plenty of red fruit and a touch of grass. 

Available individually and as a set of 6 or 12, each bottle will be released every month.There’s also a special price for The Whisky Store Collectors Club club members – the first 50 buyers will can get 6 monthly releases at $1,900; or 12 monthly releases at $3,575.

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Here’s the full list of the first 6 releases and their release dates:

Aberfeldy 15 2005 Hogshead 55.3 per cent,  165 bottles produced 

Braeval 24 1997 Hogshead 49.5 per cent, 190 bottles produced 

Bunnahabhain 12 2009 Sherry Butt 67.1 per cent, 520 bottles produced, release date: Oct 2021  

Glen Grant 23 1997 Hogshead 53 per cent, 230 bottles produced, release date:  Nov 2021 

Dailuaine 18 2002 Hogshead 57.4 per cent, 244 bottles produced, release date:  Dec 2021 

Speyside 25 1995 Puncheon 60.9 per cent, 605 bottles produced, release date:  Jan 2022 


More details at The Whisky Store.