random cocktail generator in a Singapore restaurant

Cocktails are an expression of bartenders’ ingenuity and resourcefulness, distilling tasteful flavour combinations from the endless sea of spirits, mixers or garnishes at their disposal. And then there’s the recently unveiled random cocktail generator at mod izakaya JU95 in Boat Quay, which throws that all out of the window with careless abandon, washed down by a healthy dose of whimsy and audacity.

The experience is exactly what it sounds like: you approach a booth, and pick one of three cocktail combos off the screen, each containing a different proportion of spirits and mixers. The gizmo does its magic behind the scenes before burping out a random drink (that still requires the help of a human bartender to make).

If this is beginning to sound all too similar to everyone’s favourite online oeuvres – yes, we’re talking about NFT (non-fungible token) art – that’s because it is. The brains behind the random cocktail generator are Singapore’s very own TEZAREKT, an NFT marketplace centered around nostalgic old-school toy dispensers also known as gachapons.

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Cocktails with NFT art

Photo: JU95

After all, minting one’s NFT art piece at any of the forerunners in the NFT space is very much like putting a dollar into said gachapon. Both Cryptopunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club are best-known for creating digital art via algorithm, which can either go on to fetch millions of dollars (even amid today’s crypto winter – a Cryptopunk just sold for US$2.6 million recently) or languish in the Internet history, depending on what combination of attributes you snag.

Much like your cocktail at JU95 – we’re not exactly sure how a cocktail spiked with sake, salted caramel and bubblegum would taste, but there’s someone out who’d eventually find out. We count close to 10,000 cocktail combinations across all three options, ranging from the EZPZ ($19.50 for one spirit and two mixers) to Get Rekt ($26 for three spirits).

Naturally, TEZAREKT’s house NFTs are also included in the deal as an extra digital goodie. Apart from – potentially – providing you with a digital twin avatar should the metaverse become a reality, these ‘Tezareans’ grant users other benefits like loyalty points, crypto cashbacks and the possibility of minting one’s own bespoke drink as an NFT.

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