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Where to get your glutinous rice dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival 2021

Sweet or savoury, and stuffed with all manners of treats – these are the best zong zi to indulge in, or gift, this upcoming Dragon Boat Festival.

As the Dragon Boat Festival, or Duan Wu Jie, comes around once again, we take a moment to celebrate tradition – and find an excuse to indulge in one of our favourite festive foods: dumplings. It’s hard to beat the comforting flavour of chewy, tender, glutinous rice scented with bamboo leaves, and wrapped around a multitude of savoury or sweet fillings – here are some of the best dumplings, or zongzi, this year. We’ll update this list as more info comes in, so keep a lookout.

  • Joo Chiat Kim Choo Emperor's Dumpling 2

    Joo Chiat Kim Choo

    Dumpling royalty Joo Chiat Kim Choo ups the ante again this Dragon Boat Festival with an updated version of their festive gift box. The Emperor’s Heirloom No. 2 Gift Set features a beautiful, hexagonal leatherette carrying case handcrafted by local paper and leather craft specialists Bynd Artisan. Each box contains 6 Emperor's Dumplings – parcels that contain luxurious, umami-packed ingredients like dried scallops, salted egg yolks, and premium-grade shiitake mushrooms in addition to a complex blend of 22 spices. Five other flavours are also available – we're fond of the Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetable rice dumplings, which come generously stuffed with flavourful pork braised with salted mustard greens; and the pulut hitam Nonya rice dumpling, which gives a nutty, toothsome black rice twist to a classic. 

    Purchase online at the Joo Chiat Kim Choo Website.


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