Building one’s spirits collection, whether for investment, entertainment or personal pleasure, has never been easier. Some places even let you own bottles without owning bottles, if you get the drift. But having the physical bottle within arm’s reach feels a little different – and it is way cooler to show your guests an actual bottle, rather than a blurry picture of it from your phone. 

These are sensibilities that the Taiwan-based company Martin TSE Production Group Limited, the force behind the Whisky Vault, is keenly aware of. Which is why their flagship product is designed around providing owners of fine spirits – in particular, whisky – with a one-stop security solution that doesn’t involve locking up your whisky in a basement.

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Instead, shove it and up to 20 other bottles in a safe constructed from solid steel plates, before sealing off the vault with a trio of 25mm locking bolts protected via an electronic lock. Your prized collection is still visible for all to see without compromising on your collection’s safety, thanks for a bulletproof glass window.

The entire get-up weights 90kg, which is why it usually comes with an ultra-sturdy wooden cabinet that’s capable of handling the safe and the bottles within, while providing extra space for storing glasses or everyday bottles. There’s also an option for a smaller 50kg whisky vault that fits around 10 to 15 bottles – that comes without a cabinet below – if you’re strapped for real estate. 

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All of these vaults are made to order and individually serialised – delivery and installation will also be handled by the professionals. A five-year warranty for both mechanical and electronic issues for one’s safe applies as well.

And hey, what if your collection is even bigger? According to Whisky Vault, they’re also open to building custom vaults – they’ve created a massive strongroom capable of safeguarding 180 bottles.

For more on the Whisky Vault – details on the mini will be out soon.

Photos from Whisky Vault.