Denise Kok
Features Editor

Yes. And why not? Durian has proven to be the only fruit that’s impossible to pair with wine. Otherwise, everything else, including hawker food, is fair game for the sommelier – even if uncorking a bottle of Chateau Lafite at a hawker centre might raise a few eyebrows.

Liao Xiangjun
Features Writer
This is a matter of science. The stir-fry we so love works because of all the things going on in our mouth – and this cacophony is not necessarily conducive to a conventional pairing. But it’s ultimately doable. If you do insist, grab wines grown in cooler climates; the high acidity challenges the delicious hawker food grease better.

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I don’t. I like my hawker food spicy. Why compromise the delicious pain that chillies provide?  
Jennifer Chen
Probably not. As much as I would love to experiment with the combination (who knows you might find something noteworthy), I have a low risk appetite. So I’ll stick with the pairings that work best.    Jasmine Tay
Once upon a time, people believed that red/white wines had to be matched with red/white meats respectively. That’s long been thrown out of the window. Like getting dressed, the wine-drinking experience is personal and subjective. I wouldn’t drink exceptional wines with hawkfer food, not so much because of flavour-related issues, but simply because I associate the former with slow enjoyment and the latter with quick satisfaction.  
Lynette Koh
Watches & Fashion Editor