UrbanFindr, Sommelier Picks (1)

Want to buy booze for your next shindig? A quick search online will reveal dozens of distributors, each with their own portfolio and niche. For those going in blind, it’s hard to decide on the bottles to buy — whether you’re looking for wine, spirits, or even sake. At Urbanfindr, they curate a selection from multiple distributors – with expert advice from a stable of sommeliers and professionals in the drinks industry.

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There’s Joshua Kalinan, Master Sake Sommelier and the first Singaporean to take home the Sake Sommelier of the Year title, a prestigious label given by the UK-based Sake Sommelier Association. For the holiday season, Kalinan recommends the Hatsumago Shozui Junmai Daiginjo from the Yamagata-based Tohoku Meijo brewery. Made from Yamadanishiki rice, the aromatic-style sake is well balanced with a mellow flavour. 

Meanwhile, Fazil recommends Terra do Zambujeiro’s Tinto 2016, a bold red blend made from vineyards “located in the South of Portugal famous golf course region Alentejo that reflects the true terrior of the hot conditions”.

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It’s not just wine and sake too – because Urbanfindr amalgamates products from other distributors, they also carry a wide range of craft spirits ranging from the refreshing, aromatic gin from nomadic distillery Amass; as well as the highly-acclaimed coffee liqueurs from Mr Black. 

Urbanfindr is not just a bottle shop too – they operate as a food delivery platform that coordinates orders for restaurants, which allows the restaurants to, according to the platform, save on the extra costs associated with the larger delivery platforms.

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