If anything good came out of the pandemic-related dining restrictions, it’s the sudden availability of restaurants past their usual operating hours. Here’s a pick of supper places for when fast food or prata just isn’t enough for those late-night cravings.

Larry & The Birds

larry and the birds fried chicken

From Freehouse comes Larry & The Birds, a digital supper concept offering some of the most flavour-packed, indulgent food we’ve seen in awhile. How flavourful can something be? Their take on an Aussie snack pack – normally done with kebab meat and fries – features an intense mess of chicken salt-seasoned curly fries, crispy beef cheek, “lardy bits”, pickled onions, and three sauces: house-fermented hot sauce, garlic confit mayo, and Lao Gan Ma.

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There’s also the Late-night Toastie, which combines three cheeses, nduja, and fermented chilli in a sandwich that’s fried in chicken fat. The main star of the show though, is their ramen fried chicken – where GG poulet drumsticks come coated in crushed noodles, and are served gochugaru (Korean chilli flakes) cucumber pickles and an umami-laden fish sauce caramel.

It’s the kind of food that people crave at 1am – tipsy or not – and the kind where it’s dangerously easy to eat a little too much of. To wash it all down, there’s an extensive selection of drinks that include everything from natural wine, sake, spirits, craft beers, and non-alcoholic options. Try the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, a juicy 0.5% ABV beer; as well as their barrel-aged Martinez. 

Orders available between 8pm – 2am.

Orders and pre-orders can be made directly via WhatsApp at 8800-3103 and the Freehouse Oddle page

Jekyll & Hyde

jekyll and hyde supper

For locally-inspired fare and cocktails, local bar favourite Jekyll & Hyde is delivering up till 9pm daily. While not the latest, most items on their menu – like a sarawak  pepper, pork prime rib bak kut teh, and Iberico satay – keep pretty well, and just need reheating if supper is happening a little later. For those eating immediately, there’s a chilli crab nacho with ikura; as well as char kway teow luxed-up with wagyu beef. They’ve also got eight different bottled cocktails – including a lychee martini, a gin-based kyoho grape one, and bottled-only exclusive Mr Bean, made with beancurd, kaya, and frangelico. 

Open daily from 11am to 9pm

Order online at the Jekyll & Hyde Oddle page.

Lucali BYGB


Recreate Lucali BYGB’s hipster party vibe with food delivery that runs until 1 am, and 24-hour wine delivery – after all, their banging playlists are up on Spotify, and there’s no one to stop you drinking past 10.30 pm. Their signature 18-inch pizzas are perfect for sharing; as are their large-format pastas and the very good aged country ham from Kentucky producer Newsom.

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For something a little more substantial, there’s a vision of urban Americana to be found in chicken parmesan, meatloaf, and lasagna. The wines available are also substantial – they’re offering “Smash Bags” of themed wine trios that run the gamut from sessionable roses to a $600 baller bag that includes Krug Grande Cuvee and Henschke Keyneton Euphonium. Exclusives include a champagne pilsner made in collaboration with local brewers Off Day; as well as Margaret River’s L.A.S. Vino.

Available daily from 11AM – 1AM.

Order online at the Lucali BYGB page.