[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]avour’s one of the nimblest gourmet fairs in town – and by that, we mean they keep things fresh in between editions. This year’s chef line-up is stellar, so if you’ve time off from Thursday to Sunday, pop by – entrance to the grounds is now complimentary and there’s going to be live bands.

The respective chefs will be present at the venue grounds throughout the event days, so here’s your chance to catch them in action. Here are The Peak’s highlights out of the generous spread of dishes.

#1: Labyrinth Chilli Crab by Chef Han Li Guang

Labyrinth_Chilli Crab_Credit John Heng


This key redefinition of one of our national dishes comes right out the left field – it’s now in ice-cream format. That sums up chef Han Li Guang’s vision for Restaurant Labyrinth. If you’re curious to know if the combination works (it does, but don’t take our word for it), here’s your best chance to sample it.

#2: Foie-ffle by Chef Bjorn Shen


Singapore’s “most rebellious kitchen” truly delivers on that promise with this savoury waffle. Helmed by spontaneous Shen and protege Jonathan Lee, their booth will field Artichoke‘s signature Fried Chicken as well.

#3: Purpiceddu by Chef Lino Sauro


For our non-Italian readers: citrus-glazed baby octopus. It might look unsubstantial, but dining at Gattopardo has taught us one thing: every morsel of Sauro’s seafood creations is bursting with flavour and intent. Chances are, you’ll buy one more, or three.

Event Venue
Bayfront Avenue

More specific location here.

Opening Hours

May 12  |  Thursday, 6 – 11pm
May 13  |  Friday, 6 – 11pm
May 14 | Saturday, 11am – 4pm & 6 – 11pm
May 15  |  Sunday, 11am – 8pm