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Should you tip in Singapore restaurants?

Given the 10% service charge, is there still an argument for tipping service staff?


Jennifer Chen
Coming from a tipping culture, paying the stated amount is a joy.

Jasmine Tay
Not when there’s a mandatory service charge on the bill. It already irks me that both excellent and subpar service is awarded an additional 10 per cent. It is also a potential excuse for restaurants to pay their staff less.


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Not all restaurants that charge for service share the proceeds with their staff. Having waitressed in my university days, I can vouch for the fact that a little monetary incentive goes a long way in nudging service standards from good to great – especially if you’re a frequent diner at the establishment. Denise Kok
Features Editor


Lynette Koh
Watches & Fashion Editor
I’m happy to tip when service has been good. Some might say that there’s no reason to pay servers extra for doing what they’re supposed to do but, having worked in the F&B industry, I know how tough it can be to keep your game face on for hours, while keeping hungry and thirsty customers happy.
I’ll go above and beyond the service charge for anyone in the service role who goes above and beyond for me. Customers have a role to play in encouraging positive interactions. If the existence of the 10% makes tipping against one’s principles, they could instead write a complimentary note on a napkin and pass it to the concerned staff or their manager. The gesture costs nothing, yet recognises the person’s efforts.
Liao Xiangjun
Features Writer

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