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Travel inspiration: Four new restaurants or menus to satisfy your globetrotting needs

Included: a limited-time menu from Ola Cocina Del Mar created in collaboration with Promperu, Peru’s tourism agency.

It’s getting close to that time of the year where you’d usually be thinking about travel. But with borders closed (save for news of bubbles planned, or being planned), it’s not an option. What options we do have are culinary ones, thanks to Singapore’s excitingly eclectic culinary scene.

In the wake of the circuit breaker, business is more or less back to normal – though closing at 10.30pm is still a drag – especially since everyone is stuck in Singapore and itching for novelty. Throw in a staycation, or make the journey to some of our further-flung suggestions, and you’d get plenty of globetrotting satisfaction – at least until travel is back on the menu.

  • Arroz Chaufa Promperu

    Ola Cocina Del Mar

    Husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Tamara Chavez (chef-owner and head chef respectively) are a mainstay in Singapore’s culinary scene, having served up consummate Spanish cuisine from their restaurant in Marina Bay Financial Centre for the past eight years. The former, though Peruvian-born, has spent time around the globe in a variety of Michelin-starred kitchens, including Les Amis. He hasn’t forgotten his roots though, which is what makes Ola Cocina Del Mar the ideal launching pad for a Peruvian superfood-inspired menu. Think nutrient-rich ingredients like chia seeds, camu camu berry and tricoloured quinoa, competently weaved into vibrant Peruvian dishes. We liked the ceviche Inka, which saw the inclusion of healthful, antioxidant rich chia seeds to the already vibrant dish of market-fresh fish, criolla and passion fruit tiger’s milk (a Peruvian concoction of lime, onions and chili used in ceviche). Equally worthy of attention was their arroz chaufa, a Cantonese-inspired fried rice first introduced by Chinese immigrants to Peru. Smoky grilled calamari and octopus, crispy pork and tartar sauce meets red and white quinoa seeds for a combination that’s inventive and achingly familiar (in a good way).

    The menu is in collaboration with Promperu, Peru’s tourism agency, and will be available from November 23 to December 18.

    #01-05/06, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3. Tel: 6604-7050.



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