[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]staple at dim sum restaurants, lo mai gai (glutinous rice chicken) is one dish that can be counted on to satisfy ravenous appetites (when countless platters of small snacks don’t seem to hit the spot).

But trust us over at Gourmet & Travel: the dish turns absolutely sumptuous when you have control over what makes the filling, and how much of it gets into each lotus-leaf parcel. Are you a meat lover? Dial back on the mushrooms and double down on the chicken portioning. Desire a little kick? Add in more dried chilli.

This video recipe (that’s under three minutes) hands you the reins by giving you somewhere to start.

Part of a November collaboration between TV network TLC and The MeatMen to bring Southeast Asian eats to everyone’s kitchen – check out the pandan chicken recipe we shared last week.