Boo Junfeng 2016 (Photo by Yew Jiajun)

Do you have a favourite hawker stall/centre in Singapore, and how often do you visit this place?
I go to the Tampines Round Market and Food Centre every weekend with my family whenever I am in Singapore. The prawn noodle and fishball noodle stalls there are very good. It is also a market that my family and I have been going to since I was little, so we are very familiar with the place. I go to Lao Lee Pig’s Viscera Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle. I like the stock and the pork ingredients they put in it.

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What’s your favourite local dish?
I love the chicken rice on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza, but there’s always a line there.

If you were to bring overseas friends for a meal where would you go?
For local hawker food, the Old Airport Road Food Centre is good and non-touristy. If they prefer restaurants, I would take them to Candlenut or Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. The omakase menu at Wild Rocket is always good. And I love the ayam buah keluak at Candlenut!

Singapore Fried Noodles (3)

What’s comfort for you?
Chinese food from a tze char stall – something with rice and dishes with lots of gravy.

What are some of your fondest food memories?
Korean food was a big part of my childhood actually. My mum used to be a manager at Singapore’s first Korean restaurant called, well, Korean Restaurant Pte Ltd at the old Specialists Centre. So I’ve been acquainted with Korean food since I was very little. This was way before Korean food became popular in Singapore and I remember finding it hard to explain what it was to my classmates. A good bibimbap and samgaetang still hits a spot every time.

What would you eat for your last supper?
I think a good plate of chicken rice will be it.

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