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Where Singapore’s acclaimed filmmaker Boo Junfeng eats when he’s home

His feature film, Apprentice, is Singapore’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2017 Academy Awards. He tells us which local dishes he hankers for when he returns from travel.

Boo Junfeng 2016 (Photo by Yew Jiajun)

Do you have a favourite hawker stall/centre in Singapore, and how often do you visit this place?
I go to the Tampines Round Market and Food Centre every weekend with my family whenever I am in Singapore. The prawn noodle and fishball noodle stalls there are very good. It is also a market that my family and I have been going to since I was little, so we are very familiar with the place. I go to Lao Lee Pig’s Viscera Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle. I like the stock and the pork ingredients they put in it.

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What’s your favourite local dish?
I love the chicken rice on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza, but there’s always a line there.

If you were to bring overseas friends for a meal where would you go?
For local hawker food, the Old Airport Road Food Centre is good and non-touristy. If they prefer restaurants, I would take them to Candlenut or Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. The omakase menu at Wild Rocket is always good. And I love the ayam buah keluak at Candlenut!

Singapore Fried Noodles (3)

What’s comfort for you?
Chinese food from a tze char stall – something with rice and dishes with lots of gravy.

What are some of your fondest food memories?
Korean food was a big part of my childhood actually. My mum used to be a manager at Singapore’s first Korean restaurant called, well, Korean Restaurant Pte Ltd at the old Specialists Centre. So I’ve been acquainted with Korean food since I was very little. This was way before Korean food became popular in Singapore and I remember finding it hard to explain what it was to my classmates. A good bibimbap and samgaetang still hits a spot every time.

What would you eat for your last supper?
I think a good plate of chicken rice will be it.

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