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What to drink this month: new bar menus and spirits to check out

Novel libations to keep you going.

  • Thunder MO bar cocktail

    MO Bar

    Building on the success of its second menu and its 46th spot on the Asia's 50 Best Bars list, MO Bar is continuing with its story-driven, nomadic-themed menus with Volume Three. Many of the new drinks build on discoveries from the team's virtual guest shifts done earlier last year with some of the best bars in the region, including Bangkok's Vesper and Sidecar in New Delhi. Highlights include Thunder, a refreshing, herbal concoction inspired by the flavours of Hakka thunder tea rice that makes so much sense as a cocktail, we’re surprised that no one thought of this sooner. The drink, as with three others on the menu, comes as a non-alcoholic tipple with the option to make it boozy. We're also huge fans of the Pastel de Ramos. By some culinary wizardry, it puts the toasty, buttery flavours of a croissant into a cognac-based fizz. 

    5 Raffles Ave, Mandarin Oriental Singapore. Tel: 6885-3500


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