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What’s in a Negroni – Plus, 3 Easy Cocktail Recipes

Often overlooked for the more classic martini, the negroni proves it’s a worthy gin cocktail in its own right that shines with just three key ingredients.

The negroni’s holy trinity of ingredients makes it sweet, bitter and herbaceous all at once, with no one flavour overpowering the other.  It’s not a gentle cocktail by any means, as there’s nothing to cover up the bite of gin, and it’s surprisingly complex despite its simple makeup and belongs at the grown-ups’ table. Rarely anyone’s first cocktail, but often becomes everyone’s favourite (go ahead and ask any bartender or chef).

We break down the DNA of what makes the negroni taste as it does.

  • ORANGE PEEL The finishing touch to a negroni, where the citrus notes add some zing to the cocktail. Not forgetting the theatrical flourish that accompanies the act of flaming the peel before dropping it into the drink and serving.

3 Easy Recipes, 3 Different Takes




Christian Hartman, Vasco



MADE WITH: Campari, pisco, toffee syrup, fresh lime and orange bitters.

The tartness of the pisco works very well with the richness of the toffee and the bitterness from the Campari. You get all of the palate “stirred up”.

Naz Arjuna, Bitters & Love



MADE WITH: Gin infused with wolfberries, ginseng and chrysanthemum, Campari, Cinzano Rosso

Similar to the first cocktail, the infused gin again helps to counter the bitterness of the Campari. This time, the use of ginger adds a mild lingering heat for an interesting finish.

Zack Lee, Tess Bar & Kitchen


MADE WITH: Botanist Gin, Campari, roasted coconut flakes vermouth, spiced rum liqueur, chocolate bitters. Garnished with coconut husk and orange zest.

Unlike a classic negroni, Coco Kingdom consists of ingredients such as roasted coconut, native spices & chocolate which are more familiar to local palates.

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