“My mother used to give us a raw egg and brandy shot before we left for school when we were younger,” Vinita Choolani, founder of food tech start-up Float Foods recounts. “I haven’t touched a real egg since. Our OnlyEG plant-based whole egg substitute is the first I could eat without feeling sick.”

As a food lover herself, Choolani talks about how not being able to eat something as common as eggs was an alienating experience. “I felt left out. While everyone was eating their scrambled eggs and sunny- side ups, I was eating my yogurt.”

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With Float Foods, Choolani hopes to bring better access to food while ensuring that it is sustainable, affordable and healthy. She says that it boils down to a simple, underrated idea that “food is medicine”. Pointing to antioxidants in blueberries and her partiality to yogurt, she explains the importance of turning to readily available foods instead of relying on pills.

Riding on this idea, she pushed for Float Foods products to contain higher nutritional levels than their natural counterparts. “We don’t want plant-based foods simply for the sake of them. They need to be nutritionally superior.” Eventually, the brand plans on making foods for targeted conditions such as diabetes.

“Having a choice is key,” Choolani expresses. She hopes that Singaporeans will be better informed about the food they consume as well as the options available in the market. And, of course, she wants to keep on creating those options for everyone to enjoy every day.

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