Maserati Marco Faria Correa

[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]aserati aficionado Doreen Koe Pattijn cuts a sharp silhouette in person, slinking easily into skin-tight dresses and effortlessly posing through full-day photo shoots that start early in the morning. Her vivacity belies her steeliness.

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Doreen Koe Pattijn

By day, Doreen is a banker at a foreign bank. Working round the clock to keep up to speed on developments in financial markets around the world is not unusual for her. When not pushing the envelope on the trading floor, she is challenging her physical limits through sports such as marathons and skiing overseas, even if that means she has to squeeze lunchtime gym sessions into her packed days to stay in tip-top condition.

With all this racing against time, it’s no wonder that one of the petite powerhouse’s greatest weaknesses is fast cars.


Her love affair with exotic cars developed, after her parents insisted that she acquire driving skills as early as possible.“I haven’t looked back, since I bought my first car.” Now, she views being behind the wheel as synonymous with freedom. “I enjoy being in control when I take the wheel, and the feeling of liberation knowing I can go wherever I want.”

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Of her current Maserati ride, she shares: “Every morning, I turn on the engine of my car, and, when I hear that distinctive roar, it gets my adrenaline going. It’s like having that first cup of coffee in the morning – I feel ready to start the day.”

These sentiments resonate with fellow members of the Maserati Trident League that she belongs to – “a unique cache of like-minded individuals who share an appreciation for what the brand represents”.

“[dropcap size=small]“[/dropcap]Success isn’t defined by your profession, wealth or status. It’s about knowing you have exhausted all possibilities in pushing boundaries.”– Doreen Koe Pattijn, banker

Take the GranTurismo and Quattroporte GTS: Though they are different, their core qualities – the brand’s timeless design, understated elegance and powerful performance – are what make a Maserati stand out”, says Koe Pattijn.


Having found kindred spirits for the road, and with her hands firmly on the wheels of her Maserati GranTurismo, she has added tackling the Maserati GT Track in Italy to her bucket list. “I’m quite persistent when it comes to what I want. Once I’ve decided on something, I pursue it till I achieve it.”

maserati Doreen Koe Pattijn 2

Does she ever take a break? “Of course! I enjoy food and wine. My husband and I regularly entertain, and I like to cook for my guests,” she says. “In addition, I find driving very therapeutic. I do a lot of thinking behind the wheel, alone in the car. It’s my escape at the end of the day. It keeps me moving to meet my goals.”

Dare to Dream

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]his plastic surgeon is devoted to the constant pursuit of beauty and making dreams come true – striking a fi ne balance between his love of engineering in medical science and the artist in him. Marrying his passions for medical science and aesthetics – his pioneering work in endoscopy and the use of robotics in cosmetic surgery earned Dr Marco Faria Correa the recognition of the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons and, subsequently, the opportunity to build his career here.

[dropcap size=small]“[/dropcap]We can’t live in yesterday, and we don’t know if we’ll be here tomorrow. We have to do the things we want to, now – don’t wait.”
– Dr Marco Faria Correa, plastic surgeon

He didn’t just get lucky. Setting up his practice here wasn’t a bed of roses – he cites challenges such as training and retaining skilled staff at his clinic. Even so, he held fast to his work ethic: “I work hard to improve myself and perfect what I do. Results are important. When patients are satisfied with what I’ve done for them, their appreciation is worth the hard work.”


It’s easy to see how he applies the same ethic to his health and physique. He starts his day with pilates four times a week and gym sessions twice a week, and routinely eschews rich food in favour of healthier options. But that doesn’t mean Dr Marco is all work and no play. For him, “success is doing something that you like and never getting tired of doing it, being recognised, acknowledged and well paid for it, yet having the space to lead an enjoyable life”.

Maserati Marco Faria Correa

And enjoy life he does. Friends and family feature strongly in his life. Besides returning to Brazil twice a year to visit family, the jet-setter spends weekends in Bali with his wife, where they are equally at home relaxing in their villa or horse-riding on the beach. Even when attending overseas conferences for work, he makes time to savour the sights and catch up with friends. He sums it up: “I have my freedom. I work on what I am passionate about. I am my own boss; I do anything and everything that I want, without the need to ask permission of anyone.”


A lesser known passion he pursues is cars. He recounts how he first got behind the wheel at the age of 12: “I liked to wash my father’s car before family drives, so I could drive it inside our backyard.”

Maserati Marco Faria Correa

He reminisces: “As a teenager in Brazil, I had in my bedroom a photo of a car race that my father and I assisted in. At the time, Maserati made the best race cars.” Fast forward to the present, and he says with a chuckle: “Now, I have my own!”


Maserati Marco Faria Correa

His interest in engineering means he holds his Maserati Quattroporte to the same high standards he sets for himself. Not only is his ride of choice stylish and functional, it is also a sporty car with torque. He says: “It has the performance of a sports car, and space for friends and family. I love the sound of the engine, but I don’t want to disturb others – I can switch to Sports mode or not with a button. It’s exactly how I like my car and I booked it immediately after the test drive.”


Dr Marco’s fervent love of life keeps him close to his two children who see him more as a friend than a parental figure. He says: “I’m growing younger mentally. I feel closer to my children as they grow up, and I’m constantly excited by life. There are still so many things I want to do.”

He philosophises: “We can’t live in yesterday, and we don’t know if we’ll be here tomorrow. We have to do the things we want to, now – don’t wait.” He adds with a wink: “And, if that means indulging a little, do it.”