Roman and Williams Guild Bachelor Bar Cart

There are three key ingredients to a complete home bar: good drinks, a good host, and a good bar cart. With the Bachelor bar cart from Roman and Williams Guild, your drinks – and the compliments for being a good host – will always be within arm’s reach.

Made to order, each piece of the Bachelor is intricately put together by the fine minds and hands behind Roman and Williams Guild, with as much attention to detail as one would have with making the very cocktails served on this bar cart.

Roman and Williams Guild Bachelor Bar Cart

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Hailing from New York, this cart can be customised entirely to one’s taste. A choice of mirrored, clear or black glass sits atop a refined frame with slender, bevelled legs – a classic look from the brand’s founding collection. A variety of timber and finishing options to be chosen for the body, as well as an array of metal hardware to complement the cart, make for a bespoke elegance that is sure to impress your guests.

Showing sophistication through simplicity, yet not without thoughtful design and material selection, this handsome bar cart is sure to fit perfectly into any living space. And much like its namesake, the Bachelor is always down for any party, and will always carry a couple of drinks on hand, or rather, on wheels.

Available at Roman and Williams Guild.

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