Arden Indoor Smoker

One of the best parts about cooking meat? You can bang something together in 20 minutes – but most fancy equipment, like offset smokers or full size BBQ grills – take up quite a bit of space. So here’s our pick of nifty gadgets that are compact enough to fit in your kitchen, without compromising on dishing out delicious grub. 

Traveler Portable Gas Grill, Weber

Photo: Weber Grills

There’s a primal allure to grilling meat over an open flame – be whipping up a couple of burger patties, or giving a hulking slab of steak TLC for hours. The Traveller Portable Grill caters to both sides of the fence, but remains fuss-free with use of portable gas canisters rather than charcoal. 

Other features include a highly versatile temperature range, sealed in by a porcelain-enamelled lid for further efficiency, and as a 2,065 square centimetre grill that’s roomy enough for around 15 patties.

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Joule Sous Vide, Breville

Photo: Breville

French for “under vacuum”, the sous vide technique takes the pressure off fledgling home cooks looking to score a perfect centre on their expensive steak, or make a chicken breast tender beyond belief.

This particular model is one of the market’s nimblest immersion circulators, packed with nifty features like a magnetic base for sticking to pot bottoms and a smart device-enabled app to control the temperature. 

It’s efficient too, heating water quickly and quietly. There isn’t much of a difference between the older stainless-steel model and its white polycarbonate successor except sturdiness and price – so we’ll leave that up to you.

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Arden Indoor Smoker, FirstBuild

Arden Indoor Smoker
Photo: Arden

Indoor smoking is finicky. All that delicious smoke turning that chunk of salmon into something much, much more needs to go somewhere – usually, into the carpet, or your neighbour’s window. 

But what if you could smoke indoors hassle-free? That’s the promise behind the Arden Indoor Smoker, as designed by Firstbuild (a GE Appliance-backed innovator).

This nifty gadget fits nicely on a countertop and burns pellets to cook your meat. The smoke is eliminated without the need for filters or an external vent. The smoker is available for pre-order, with an estimated shipping date of August 2023. 

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