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Head to Emporium Shokuhin to buy top-quality Japanese produce in Singapore

Highlights such as seafood and Mandarin oranges from the Ehime prefecture in southern Japan are on show permanently at this Marina Square outpost.

If you are not a Japanophile, chances are you would not have heard of the Ehime Prefecture in southern Japan. Often overshadowed by more prominent cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido, it has recently stepped into the spotlight with the perfect strategy – using food to draw attention to itself.

The Ehime Regional Trade Promotion Association has set up its first permanent food showcase outside of Japan at Emporium Shokuhin in Marina Square. The speciality section is tucked between ramen restaurant Burosu Honten and the escalators in the emporium. At any one time, it will have more than 100 products from the prefecture, including seasonal specialities.


    This is a powder featuring a mixture of dried mikan peel and red pepper. Sprinkle over a bowl of ramen to lend it a mild citrus flavour, or add it to the batter of deep-fried dishes like tori karaage.

Among the products are juices and jellies made from Japanese citrus fruit such as mikan (Mandarin orange), dekopon (a sweet seedless mandarin with a bump on top) and kawachi bankan (Japanese grapefruit).

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Fruit aside, with its location between the Seto Inland Sea to the north and Uwa Sea to the west, Ehime has access to rich marine life. Fisheries dot the coastline, which is indented and ideal for aquaculture. The prefecture is the country’s top producer of farmed red sea bream.

So the next time you’re planning a Japanese themed dinner at home, drop by the Ehime Specialities Corner and pick up a few items. You’ll be helping to spread the word about this resource-rich area of Japan.

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