If there is obvious care in the presentation (Read: not slopped onto a plate) and it’s well-prepared with a kick-ass chilli sauce – $20. It’s less than the cost of a pizza in a restaurant and way tastier.
Jennifer Chen
Goh Wee Tseng
Weets Goh
As much as any restaurant out there is charging for any other dish – as long as I’m guaranteed my money’s worth.

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Lynette Koh
Watches & Fashion Editor
I’d have to say $30, which is what I fork out as a quasi-regular at Chatterbox. I’m paying not just for the dish (although I do enjoy every bite of it), but also for the unhurried and comfy environment, where I can sit for hours gossiping with my local-food-loving mum and aunts.
$15 seems fair if each element of the dish was made in-house. I suppose it depends on how readily available the dish is as well. For overseas Singaporeans hankering for a taste of home, £15 will probably fly, too. Denise Kok
Associate Editor
 Adeline Wong
My ceiling is $35. This comes tied to an image of myself on a staycation ordering room service, so I can drape myself over the luxurious furnishings in arctic conditions and… vegetate. I don’t mind waiting. (On the contrary, even $1 won’t sway me if I have to queue in the heat for an hour.)

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Photo: Chatterbox