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New bar menus in Singapore to check out

Junior The Pocket Bar moves to a new space, plus, fresh offerings from Manhattan, Barbary Coast.

There’s always something new happening in Singapore’s cocktail bar scene – like there’s some magical wellspring of inspiration. Or maybe it’s because we have some of the most innovative, passionate bar people in the world. Whatever the case: here’s where to drink (and eat) this month.

  • junior-pocket-bar

    Junior The Pocket Bar

    Not so pocket anymore though. Cocktail bar Junior has moved from its tiny back alley space in Tanjong Pagar to a larger location in Ann Siang Hill. It's also now independently owned by Joe Alessandroni, with Hazel Long helming the bar and Peter Chua remaining Bartender in Residence. While the bar previously changed its menu and concept every 6 months, the new 25-seater location will have a core, permanent selection of favourites. This includes a selection of house-fermented beverages like a lacto-fermented lime soda; and kombuchas – all of which can be made boozy with the addition of a base spirit or liqueur. There are now also "culinary cocktails" – drinks that come with a snack pairing like the Tiny Bubbles, a creation of Pol Roger champagne, jasmine, peach, and yellow Chartreuse served with a chocolate-covered strawberry. The current seasonal menu is Washi, a semi-kitschy, Shinjuku bar-inspired concept with drinks named after origami forms like the Crane, which combines kyoho grape, Sakura vermouth, cognac and lemon for a heady cocktail that tastes like bubblegum for adults. Don't forget to grab some bites – the anything-goes menu features moreish bar dishes like mala fried chicken sandwich; and crispy fish skins served with a peanut sauce. 


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