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Reasons to visit Japanese restaurant Rizu

The restaurant on Duxton Hill serves up contemporary Japanese fare alongside lesser-known sakes.

The 38-seat contemporary Japanese restaurant Rizu – with a floor-to-ceiling glass frontage and an al fresco terrace which takes full advantage of its location on Duxton Hill – might serve up impressive seafood platters comprising top–notch produce plated with the precision of a kaiseki chef, yet in the very same breath proffer sushi rolls with otherwise sacrilegious combinations featuring the likes of mango and lobster.

As disparate as they seem, the dishes are held together by the common thread of quality produce, and something as simple as a rice bowl becomes a real treat when topped with gently seared conger eel, fresh tongues of uni, and briny bursts of caviar.

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The contemporary leanings of the restaurant colour the sake list as well, which Rizu’s owner, Hisamizu Takahashi, uses as a platform to showcase lesser-known, small-batch offerings from the likes of 166-year-old Aramasa Brewery – currently led by eighth- generation brewer Yusuke Sato. His penchant for experimentation sees the use of a variety of koji typically used in the production of shochu.

The delicious result? A mildly sweet sake that shines with wine-like qualities.

39 Duxton Hill.

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